MathJax and Code Highlighting in Ghost 0.5

Updated my earlier guide to the 8/16/2014 latest version of Ghost. MathML Support (MathJax) In ghost/content/themes/YOUR_THEME_NAME/default.hbs, before »

Categories: Top and Grp

In this post, we will use the notion of categories and functors to make rigorous the relationship between topological spaces and their underlying fundamental and homology »

Box Topology versus Product Topology

In the context of finite products, the box topology and product topology coincide. As the following exposition shows, this is not the case for infinite products »

Comparing A* heuristics on string character exchange distance in Scala

Continuing from our last primer about A* search, this post assumes knowledge of the A* algorithm. Here, we demonstrate an application of A* search to a »

A* Heuristic Search - A Primer

This post introduces the notion of state-space search using the A* algorithm. The terminology and groundwork for general search algorithms is described. Additionally, the heuristic function »

Linear Coefficients in Mergesort

Mergesort is a divide and conquer sorting algorithm which can be implemented to be in place and stable. It can be shown that the number of »